This week’s guest is a breath of fresh air with amazing energy. She’s also your secret weapon for leveling up your online video performances.

Luria Petrucci is the founder of Live Streaming Pros. In the past 17 years, Luria has produced over six thousand videos and live streams—generating over a billion views. She’s been called on by CNN, FOX, NBC and other major media outlets to share her wisdom on creating transformational experiences with video.

Michael spoke with Luria about what works in online video, what doesn’t work, and how to think about using online video as your speaking career evolves.

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How You Can Steal the Show

  • Uncover what makes online audiences fall in love with a livestream host.
  • Learn what changes you can make to seamlessly make the jump from the stage to the small screen.
  • Stand in your authenticity as a performer. (That might sound counterintuitive. It’s anything but.)
  • Discover how consistency is a tool that you can use to build and strengthen your authentic brand.
  • Take advantage of the top three ways that meeting planners discover and book speakers.
  • Fuel your speaking career with stageside leads, instead of relying solely on marketing.
  • Use three key strategies to get live stream audiences engaged—and keep them engaged for your full performance.
  • Discover quick, easy changes you can make to make your live stream events more effective and memorable. (For all the right reasons.)

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In this episode…

[GUEST] Luria Petrucci’s Live Streaming Pros YouTube Channel

[CAMERA] Sony ZVE 10

Mind-blown…or marshmallows? Watch this clip of Luria demonstrating on-screen graphics and see for yourself.

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