This week on Steal the Show, Heroic Public Speaking’s own creative Swiss army knife Queena Bergen drops hard-won wisdom about how to leverage social media to build your brand as a thought leader. This eye-opening episode will change your mind about social media and give you key strategies for how to make it more than worth your time.

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How You Can Steal the Show

  • Understand the right way to approach your efforts to stand out on social media. (And what never to do with a tripod.)
  • Discover the most important factor(s) to consider when it comes to creating a world-class social media presence.
  • Find new places to look for inspiration for your content.
  • Understand how much time you actually need to spend creating and posting social media content.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of barriers to entry on social media, so you can start creating quality content more quickly.
  • Discover Queena’s Steal the Show-exclusive social media trick that helped her travel the world.

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In this episode…

[INSTAGRAM] Watch Queena Bergen perform her original poetry

[MOVIE] Down To Earth, starring Chris Rock (and featuring a cameo by your humble host, Michael Port)

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