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Do you know there is one thing you should never say when giving a speech? Speakers tend to use this phrase often, without realizing the negative effect on the audience.

00:01 Welcome to ‘Steal the Show’ with Michael Port. From speeches, to job interviews, to deal-closing pitches, how to guarantee a standing ovation for all the performances in your life. I am Michael and this is a quick tip. Please, if you can, avoid saying, “If you remember nothing else, remember this.” This is very common at the end of a presentation because you are desperate to get them to realize your message, however what it does is it gives the audience the impression that the performance could’ve been delivered with that one line. So if you’re presenting a curriculum-based speech, you need to provide a concise, yet comprehensive short review of all the audience has learned without going into every detail, but if you tell them, “Remember nothing else except this, if you remember only one thing, remember this.” But you should be so well-prepared that they remember so much more than one thing. And I think one of the reasons we say it is because we are not sure that we did a good enough job in the speech to get our message across clearly throughout, to get all of our key points delivered and consumed throughout.

01:22 So stay confident, know you’ve done your work, if you’ve done your work, and focus on delivering the overall promise based on the big idea that drives the entire speech to deliver on that promise. And so if you remember nothing else from this quick tip… Just kidding.

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