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Why is it so hard to make a decision sometimes? This episode highlights what to do to guarantee success in your personal and professional life.

00:00 Michael Port: Welcome to Steal The Show with Michael Port. This is Michael. Today’s episode is brought to you by… I’m gonna make this short and sweet. I just got off the phone with a client who was having trouble making decisions. They couldn’t decide what to do with respect to their topic. They were vacillating, perseverating between two different ideas and I think reflection is important, considering your different options is essential but making decisions is critical, because we don’t get too far without making clear and intentional decisions; where do we wanna go? How we’re gonna get there. Sometimes when we don’t make decisions, when we perseverate, it’s because we don’t want to do the work associated with making the decision, or we don’t know if we’re gonna know how to do the work associated with the decision, because with decisions comes responsibility.

01:28 Michael Port: Making decisions and doing the work produces success and success often produces more success, and more success produces more success. Then ultimately, what does success require? It requires responsibility because the bigger your audiences are, the more people you have working for you or with you, the more money you make, the larger your world gets, the more responsibility you have. And so sometimes when we don’t make decisions it’s because we’re afraid of the responsibility that comes along with making big bold decisions. So we have a choice. There’s the irony. We have a choice. We can either stay where we are, perseverate, vacillate, not make decisions or we we can make decisions and go forth into the night. Of course, not every choice we make is gonna be a great choice. I’ve made a lot of choices throughout my life that were not great choices and then realized, maybe not the best choice, or that was a choice that worked for a period of time in my life and now I must make other choices.

02:52 Michael Port: So that’s probably a frame that is more productive rather than saying, “Oh, made a bad choice.” If I look back at my life, there are choices that I made that at the time seemed like good choices and had produced some good outcomes, but then at a later point, I said, “I’m gonna make a different choice now because my life is different, and what I want is different, and what I’m experiencing now is different, and what want to experience later is different.” So to that end, please make a choice today. Make a choice everyday. Make your choices big, make them clear, make them bold and you’ll do big things in the world. 03:40 Michael Port: I’ll put in a word from the sponsors here and then I’ll come back and I’ll say thank you for spending your time with me. This was a short episode hopefully a connected episode in that I was able to reach you around one particular area of your life and today it was making decisions. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be in service of you. If you like the show, please rate it. Five star ratings are fantastic and I am so appreciative when I get them and of course, review. Tell people what you think. Be fully self-expressed and if you haven’t read Steal The Show, please do. You can get it anywhere books are sold. If you have questions about it, you can always email me at, We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.