132 Steve Drum on Performing in High Stakes Situations

On today’s episode of Steal the Show, we uncover how to rely on training, on-stage and off.

Steve Drum is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief. He helped develop a “Warrior Toughness” training program for the U.S. Navy, ultimately changing the way the military branch prepares young sailors and offices for the acute stress of intense combat operations. A two-time Heroic Public Speaking GRAD alum, Steve is launching his speaking career to share how to handle stress in high-stakes situations.

How You Can Steal the Show

  • Discover what the Navy SEALS teach with focusing attention by toggling mindfulness.
  • Harness how he’s teaches sailors to become tougher … while using words like “mind, body, and soul.”
  • Uncover which he thinks is tougher training: Navy SEALS or Heroic Public Speaking.
  • Understand the number one key to success in tough training programs.
  • Learn the question you need to ask yourself when your speaking training gets tough. 
  • Maintain balance between toughness and holistic reflection.
  • Handle stress in high stakes situations.
  • Define “Performing on the X” and how speakers can use it to prepare for their performances.
  • See what “Thank you for your service” means to him.

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