On today’s episode of Steal the Show, we’re talking about reinventing yourself as a speaker, author, and thought leader.
Dorie Clark is a self-reinvention and branding expert and the author of  Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You and the Washington Post bestseller and Forbes Top 10 Business Book of the Year, Stand Out.  She delivers dozens of keynotes per year and has appeared on the TEDx stage three times. Named on the 2019 Thinkers50 list, which identifies leading management thinkers, Dorie shares her secrets for reinventing yourself in business and in life.

How You Can Steal the Show

  • Why you might need to create a new peer group to support your reinvention. 
  • The top three steps for reinventing yourself. 
  • Why “personal brand” is not a dirty word, and why we’re looking for it in the wrong places.
  • The mental shift Dorie made to embrace storytelling.
  • The process she went through to reinvent herself as a thought leader. 
  • When numbers matter (and when they don’t) for sharing your message. 
  • When Dorie decided to start charging for her speaking gigs. 
  • What speakers absolutely must have to succeed when they’re not famous. 
  • The “press here” strategy for getting more speaking gigs and more money. 
  • The sometimes slow road that a referable speech can make you takeand why that’s okay.

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